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I love this scan because it looks like everyone’s engaging in an important meeting while Deanna’s napping and Will’s watching her like a creep.

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I think I found my favorite scan of Worf.

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remiandemian said: did you mean lal or data? because you have lal’s picture and are using female pronouns but used the name data….

No, you read it right. I just used a picture of Lal because I sometimes wonder what the show would’ve been like if she had been cast in place of Data from the beginning of the series. Like, if Soong had created an android that looked like her and programmed it to identify as female. That’s what the confession reminded me of. Sorry for the confusion.

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I’m helping a friend move on Monday, so Data’s Day will start when my clock strikes midnight. I should be able to get a few in before I have to go. c:

Anonymous sent: So...Picard looks exactly like his nephew as a youth (Family/Rascals) and exactly like his clone as a cadet?! (Nemesis) Interesting.

Congrats to the casting department?